General terms & conditions

General terms & conditions

A purchase agreement of a sandal is only concluded with Angiola Ricci if:

1.1   You have placed an order or have purchased a product, have received an invoice and or have confirmed order by personal email and or have paid for the product;

1.2   All tailormade sandals can only be purchase with min 60% downpayment. If order is annulled downpayment will not be returned. The outstanding amount of 40% must be paid upon pick up or proof of payment.

1.3  Tailor made or custom fit sandals ordered on clients specific personal measurements, choice of color and accessories  cannot be returned because of a reflection period and are exempted by Burgelijk wetboek 6, art 230p.f.1 . See return policy for regular returns.

1.4    A sandal purchased in sale cannot be returned. No cash will be refunded

1.5    A sandal purchased at regular purchase price must be fully paid upon ordering. 50% will serve as a downpayment and 50% will be refunded if cancelled after order has been fully produced.

1.6   If a sandal has not been fully paid, Angiola Ricci will remain the rightful owner of that product at all times;

1.7   When purchasing a sandal (without tailormade specifications) you are entitled a reflection period of 14 days. We would like to state that all our products are completely handmade and that no ad hoc purchases that would fit this regulation are appreciated.

1.8   At  Angiola Ricci  maintain a Cash & Carry policy; shopping, fitting (if so desired) payment and immediate pick up ;

1.9   All sandals, flat or heel, cannot be returned after refunded. No cash refunds will be granted.

1.10 When ordering and purchasing a sandal the client is liable for its own feet at all times. If swelling or shrinkage of client’s feet occurs it has no impact our responsibility nor liability.

1.11  A sandal that has been produced, and cut  tailor- made can not be returned nor refunded. We refer to article;

1.12   Angiola Ricci is not liable for any medical symptoms involving client’s feet that would influence the fitting of a sandal. and no refunds will be granted

1.13   Angiola Ricci is not liable for any sandals that have been released/delivered/picked up – we are not responsible for any damages , stains brought onto the product after purchase .  We will not refund cash.

1.14   All purchased goods must be returned within 14 days in original state with original receipt. If 14 days have passed by since your purchase we cannot offer you a refund or exchange. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, and free from dirt, dust or any fragrances, and in the same package and condition that you received it.

1.15  When ordering a sandal please take into account 2 weeks production time upon delivery.

1.16  When ordering a specific sandal accessories upon clients request, these must be paid upfront. The order is final.  No returns will be granted. Delivery time is 6 weeks

1.17  In case of natural disasters, in Italy e.g. earth quake, flood, strike, vulcano outburst, airplain crash of any other disaster, Angiola Ricci is not liable in any way for any delays . As our client we will try to find the best solution for you.

1.18  Incase you ordered a specific sandal for a specific event Angiola Ricci can not be held liable if this event is cancelled. The purchase agreement will remain vigor.

1.19   All prices are in euros and include VAT

1.20  Costs of delivery will be added to the invoice. Costs may differenciate per country. Client is personally respondible for paying import tax and other taxesi.

1.21   Returns & refunds can be sent to:

Angiola Ricci

Bobine straat 7 -31

3903 KE Veenendaal


Sandalen kiezen

Wij hebben u graag met het kiezen van uw maat! 

U kunt uw patroon van uw maat downloaden en uw voet erop plaatsen. Zo weet u zeker dat u de juiste maat kiest.

Standard Angiola Ricci Size  USA Size Pattern
34 Itl 5 Us 4 Download PDF
35 Itl 6 Us 5 Download PDF
Itl 7
Us 6
Download PDF
Itl 8
Us 7
Download PDF
Itl 9
Us 8
Download PDF
Itl 10
Us 9
Download PDF
Itl 11
Us 10
Download PDF
Itl 12
Us 11
Download PDF
Itl 13
Us 12
Download PDF

Zorg ervoor dat uw voet zowel aan de voor en achterkant binnen de zool is geplaatst. Wij hebben een virtueel meetlint geplaatst.  So as to be certain of the accuracy of each pattern, we have created a virtual tape measure zodat u thuis kunt bevestigen dat de afmetingen correct zijn. Als ons meetlint niet overeenkomt met uw meetlint, corrigeer dan uw printinstellingen en kies ' adapt content to size optie

De hiel

Een tradionele Capri sandaal heeft een platte hiel hak van 1 cm


De kleuren

Afhankelijk van uw scherminstellingen kan de kleur op uw scherm afwijken van de werkelijke kleur.