May 26, 2016

"Angiola Ricci sandal studio what a nice surprise at Papagayo Beach Plaza"

Recently Esther was visiting with friends in Curacao for a girlfriend reunion with two of her college friends and a day before she left the island, she took a little time to do some shopping at the Papagayo Beach Plaza. She was looking for a sandal that was both cute and comfortable so she was very happily surprised to walk into the Angiola Ricci studio and decided to purchase a model she liked and added some beads to give it her own personal touch of sparkle. 
“I liked the store concept of Angiola Ricci very much and the fact that you can personalize your own sandal made the experience even more unique. I take back a great collectable item from my Curacao visit which makes my girlfriend reunion unforgettable” - Esther Wielzen (Surinam)
How to choose your sandals

This page includes tips to help you order the perfect pair of sandals. Make sure you chose the right size: given that this is a handcrafted, made-to-order, item, we do not accept returns.

In our shop, customers feet are measured on site and the sandals made accordingly. So as to enable you to choose the correct sandal size from home we have created a digital pattern of all our models.

Standard Angiola Ricci Size  USA Size Pattern
34 Itl 5 Us 4 Download PDF
35 Itl 6 Us 5 Download PDF
Itl 7
Us 6
Download PDF
Itl 8
Us 7
Download PDF
Itl 9
Us 8
Download PDF
Itl 10
Us 9
Download PDF
Itl 11
Us 10
Download PDF
Itl 12
Us 11
Download PDF
Itl 13
Us 12
Download PDF

Next, place your bare foot on top of the pattern and check that it fits within the border both front and back of the sole: if your foot goes over the line or there is too much space, try a bigger or smaller size accordingly. So as to be certain of the accuracy of each pattern, we have created a virtual tape measure: check it next to a real tape measure to make sure that it corresponds. 

If our tape measure does not correspond, check your printer and make sure that you have deactivated  the: “ adapt content to page size” option.

The heel
The traditional Capri sandal comes with a flat heel 1 cm:

The color
Depending on your screen settings, the color of the sandal you receive may vary very slightly from that which you see here.